Extremely Rare White lions Met the Public for the first time.


Have you ever seen a white lion? I know most people will say no. A white lion is a rare animal. Only about 13 white lions are living in the jungles and 100 white lions live in captivity. It gets white-colored fur due to genetic color mutation. Whenever we see a white color animal, we think they are albinos. But lions get the unique white-colored coat as a recessive trait called laicism.  The animals lose a part of the pigment in fur. But the color of the eyes and lips is unchanged.

A zoo in east China welcomed cute white baby elephants. They have released some pictures of them on the internet. It took few minutes for the photos to go viral. Animal lovers all around the world loved those photos.

Four white lions were born on 6th of November in 2021 at Nantong Forest Safari Park in Jiangsu, China. All the cubs are males. The Chinese zoo released some photos of the playful cubs. They were playing with each other, eating, and posing the camera like real photogenic girls.

The white lion quadrupeds are healthier and are playful. They are growing well too. The first public debt of white cubs was held on December 26.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust claims that white lions are not regarded as a separate species. Though they are rare, the world does not consider white elephants as an endangered species. So there is no law to protect these unique animals. They may be considered as threatened with extinction in the future. The researchers are planning to investigate the white lion genes to understand whether it is urgent to protect them.

Any precautions related to protecting white lions should get immediately without delay.

Sick Lion Couple was put down in the same place to keep them together


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