When His House Burns Down, An 83-Year-Old Man Hugs His Terrified Cat Tightly.


Ali Meşe, an 83-year-old man from a small Turkish village, attempted to light a gas stove in his house. But, alas, something went wrong, resulting in a minor explosion and a fire in his wooden house’s living room. When he watched his house burn down, he felt he’d lose everything. He was now poor and without possessions. However, one really significant thing was saved: her blond kitten survived the flames!


He, his wife, and kitten were saved by rescuers thanks to neighbors who immediately called the fire department. He is pictured hugging his frightened kitten in his arms while leaning into his cane with the other hand as firefighters assess the impact.

Meşe was admitted to the hospital after sustaining minor injuries. His tale scattered across Turkey as he was resting.

credit – unknown

At the hospital, the Turkish Red Crescent (a branch of the International Red Cross) presented him with presents.

credit – unknown

Kerem Kinik, president of the Red Crescent, wrote a tweet entitled “Let’s keep him and his cat warm,” in which the company officials provided him with a new bed and a new cat carrier.


Meşe is seen hugging her cat in another picture taken at the hospital, but this time he is smiling!


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