This Girl is dressed every day like a 19th-century fashion (34 Pics)


In case you think you take as well much time to prepare within the morning,
wait until you meet this young lady who is trying to attract people in a very attractive way. Mila Povoroznyuk from Ukraine, who is known to her fans as your_sunny_flowers, has jettisoned all cutting edge design patterns to take after her possess stylish that creates her see as she came back from the 19th century

Every day Povoroznyuk eager to see the serious embellishments of vintage dresses, puffed blouses, top hats and embellishments, hairdo corsets, complex footwear, and cosmetics to become a living representation of 19th-century fashion.

Povoroznyuk joined the historic reconstruction movement 12 years ago. from the medieval festivals to the 18th and 19th centuries she began to sew her own clothes on various occasions. For around two years, she has been wearing vintage outfits each day.

The Blue Autumn Coat was the first piece of clothing in a 19th-century fashion that I began to wear in my everyday life.
Povoroznyuk told Bored Panda. that my wardrobe was constantly full of vintage things.

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Povoroznyuk finds ideas for her wardrobe on Google, Pinterest, and old magazines with dresses from that era. Povoroznyuk finds ideas for her clothes on Pinterest, Google, and ancient magazines with dresses from that period.
She sews and thrifts her vintage clothing,(Clothing inspired by the 19th and twentieth centuries is a rare sight on the streets of modern time.) She finds her accessories in the flea market and personal collections of like-minded people. also, Her high fashion makes her comfortable and confident and that is all that matters. Even though Povoroznyuk regularly gets peculiar looks within the boulevards, her sense of fashion has brought her web fame—she as of now has 69k adherents on Instagram and her brief recordings on TikTok have millions of sees.

The Edward era was her favorite era from the early 1900s and Povoroznyuk also appreciated victorian fashion.
“The suffragette developments started amid that period. I think that all ladies ought to be thankful for this period for the rights and openings that we have nowadays.

She says that Povoroznyuk prefers when carefully choosing all the clothes she has. The most annoying and difficult is a modern style Bra and a lot of women can get involved with it.

If you’ve ever tried cosplay or bought an outfit, you’d accept that dressing like that would fetch a fortune, but since Povoroznyuk hand-crafts most of the dress, she would oppose this idea. Even though she says that it frequently depends on the outfits can sometimes be pretty costly

“Everything is exceptionally relative. I sew them myself from fabric found in a second-hand store, so the fabrics cost less than 10 dollars. I too have truly costly ones since I purchase costly fabric and visit a seamstress.”.

When we inquired of Povoroznyuk how individuals respond to her one exclusive appearance on an everyday premise, she had a much more thing to say.

Any person reacts to the level of their mental and emotional development and growth. It is nature, character, and mood that influence a person’s reaction to being a certain stimulus.

She could separate people she meets into a few categories.

People with mental and emotional development and higher intelligence belong to the first category.
These people are patient, advanced, educated, and well behaved.
They have a sense of respect and self-esteem for others, regardless of their social status or age.

“Even though they might not have a delicate spot for vintage, they would respond with the understanding that everyone “has each right to specific themselves.”

Those who like vintage, on the other hand, would regularly not appear any response and respect the boundaries of individual space or won’t falter to compliment if they are more open-minded.

Another category isn’t so tolerant, but Povoroznyuk says she doesn’t take it to heart as she wouldn’t be offended at a puppy who barks at her.

Unfortunately, the qualities of respect for others and ethics have not been learned by psychopaths and ignorant peoples.
These traits can be seen in one person as well as in people with very low IQ levels.

Depending on the level of education, pronunciation and negative reactions are also seen in such people. and it extends from laughter to aggression to bad ideas.
In case you inquire of Povoroznyuk why she dresses like it’s the 19th century, the reply will be very straightforward and straightforward—because she likes it and needs to. She prompts other individuals who would like to specific themselves through clothing but are as well anxious about the judgment to take after her instance

No matter how others think of you, you have to live for yourself.
Do not waste your life in fear because life is too short


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