How Sir David Attenborough shaped your world?


Sir David Attenborough bought the natural world into our homes. Sometimes you won’t believe the work he has done on behalf of the environment. He shaped our world through his immense service.  Sir David is serving the world as a naturalist and a broadcaster for more than six decades.

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Who is Sir David Attenborough?

The shortest answer for the above question that I can give to the ones who don’t know him is a naturalist. His full name was Sir David, Frederick Attenborough. He was born on the 8th of May 1926, in London. Other than a naturalist, he is famous as a writer and English Broadcaster.


After completing his studies, he participated in a training program at British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Then he became a television producer for the BBC. The television series Zoo Quest was originated by him. Here, the live animals were filmed in the zoo and wild. It became popular among people.

Sir David Attenborough sign up on Instagram.

He needed to make a voice on behalf of the environment. So Sir David made his first social media move to Instagram. He stated that “I am making this move.. because, as we all know, the world is in trouble”. This was included in the first video message on social media. He said that continents are in danger due to glaciers melting and furthermore, coral reefs are dying. Just after posting his first thought over 200 000 followers were rally around him even before one year. There were famous personalities like Body Coach Joe Wick and Tennis player Sir Andy Murray among the followers.


Sir David Attenborough further explained that he is going to use the platform to share videos explaining the problems related to the environment and the way to overcome them.

Jonnie Hughes and Colin Butfield help Sir David to manage the account supported with the technical aspects.

Sir David Attenborough releases a book and a Netflix documentary

Both the book and documentary come from the name “A Life On Our Planet”. The film reflected his career along with the decline of the plant’s environment and biodiversity. The film was considered as Attenborough’s witness statement and premiered on Netflix in October 2020.


Sir David has visited all continents on the globe. He had documented the living world in all its variety and wonder.

To Sum Up

Sir David Attenborough did amazing work to shape your world. We need to pay our tribute to this great naturalist.


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