Sick Lion Couple was put down in the same place to keep them together


Animals also need love, care, and affection just like humans. Tiger is famous as animal a social animal. Sometimes they are loving and faithful than humans. This story is about a loving tiger couple. Their names were Hubert and Kelisa. Hubert was born at Lincoln Park in 1999 and Kelisa was born at Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden in 1998. Both of them were African lions. They were elders when arriving at L.A Zoo. The veterinary team tried hard to make a peaceful and caring surrounding for these lions.

The tiger couple lived in Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle. Then they were taken to L.A Zoo in March 2014. The guests and staff loved the lion couple. This gorgeous and attractive couple was used to cuddle and nuzzle all the time.

We need to adhere to the law of the environment. The lifespan of African lions was about 14 years. The staff of the zoo tried hard to lengthen the lives of the lion couple. Both Hubert and Kelisa had to undergo untreatable health issues related to the ages. They were able to live together until their last breath. Hope Hubert and Kelisa are also together in heaven.

Hubert and Kelisa are examples of the present world. They showed the way to live together with love and care.

The heartwarming love of the motherhood


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