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A Lizard becomes a victim of a playful Elephant.

Elephants are the giants on the land. They love to lead a funny life. But sometimes they become fearful. Elephants tend to become friendly with other animals in some instances. The worst scenario is, elephants make fun of other innocent animals. Today’s story is about the mischievous behavior of an Asian elephant.

The story is from India. Corbett National Park is home to several animal species including elephants and lizards. Madhuri is an elephant that lives in the park. She is well-known for aggressive behavior. An unlucky lizard became a toy for Madhuri. She grabbed the poor creature from the tail. Swing the lizard in mid-air like a rag doll. Though the lizard was hurting, the naughty giant made fun of this. Madhuri didn’t leave the lizard after a few hours but carried out with him for several days.

The poor lizard had to undergo several mischievous acts of Madhuri. The lizard was rotated and also put onto the ground occasionally. It was fun for Madhuri. Though it was a bumpy ride for a lizard, Madhuri liked to play with the new living toy.

The scene was captured by a 49 years old

Photographer, Jadeep Rajput. He had never experienced such an instance during his 20 years of photography life. As the elephant was quite aggressive, the photographer does not get closer to her.

There are lots of lizards at the Corbett National Park. Madhuri is an expert in catching them. Her favorite species is monitor lizards.

The Indian elephants are a subspecies of Asian elephants. They weigh up to 5 tons and the length from foot to shoulder is about 11 meters. The trunk does not have bones and cartilage. But contains more than 100 000 units of muscles. It allows picking any tiny object. Scientists say that elephants have big brains. They also have an intuition to understand what other elephants feel.

Elephants are story makers as always. They make the Earth beautiful.

Two baby elephants are teasing each other with their trunks.



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