15 Photographs Of Vehicles That Will Live Forever Underwater


It turns out there are literally thousands and thousands of vehicles sunk in the world’s oceans, lakes, rivers, and ponds. This is one of the numerous mysteries of so many of the pictures on this list- how did that vehicles get there. I didn’t speculate on how and why these vehicles ended up underwater, but I’ll admire these pics people took when discovering them. I think I have found a pretty good group of photos for you. The Photos Credit Goes to First Owners.

Here are 15 vehicles that will live forever. Underwater.

#1 old school car 


Here is a real old-school car that anyhow found its way to the bottom of the ocean. Based upon the scuba divers who diving in this picture, this old school car has got to be in somewhat deep water.

#2 British Jeeps

via dailymail

The jeeps were on an army transport ship hauling supplies. It was the “SS Thistlegorm” of the British(England) merchant marine and the ship was sunk in 1941 en route to Egypt.

#3 This Is Real Off-Roading


There is a bike that seems to be in the hold of a sunken ship out there under the ocean blue somewhere.

#4 Ice Yacht

This is a yacht that was being used for a documentary in the Antarctic by its wealthy owner when it practically froze up. “Joao Lara Mesquita, journalist, and owner of the 76-foot yacht, was making a documentary with four crew members when his boat sank off the coast of Antarctica,” according to Business Insider. Except for the yacht, everybody was saved.


Maybe it’s all that red paint still on there.

#6 truck

#7 Royal Wreck

This is a massive old Hercules C-130 transport plane that was sunk with other vehicles as part of a project by Jordan’s King Abdullah II at a tourist “dive spot.” Scuba tourism is a reality, and Jordan seems to want a piece of the action.

#8 A Cargo Plane

It was a deliberate sinking, but it was a nefarious one. During WWII, a freight delivery aircraft was shot down by planes. To be honest, I’m not sure how many downed planes and sunken ships are strewn across the world’s oceans as a result of the 2nd world war. My estimate is that the figure is in the tens of thousands.

#9 Chopper Down

I have got no information on this one. it is just another weird vehicle found underwater. I’ll say, with the total absence of an engine, control panels, or even seats that it looks like someone stripped this one down before dumping it.

#10 Sad Bus

Who needs to see a school bus parked in the middle of the ocean? It’s yet another effort to establish artificial reefs in which different aquatic species can thrive.

#11 Rusting In A Lake

These vehicles were found rusting at the bottom of a lake and were recovered.

#12 Bugatti Underwater

This Bugatti Type 22 Brescia was discovered at the bottom of a pool.



#15 Abandoned Motorbike


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