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The incredible bond between orphaned elephants and carers.

Elephants love their babies, family, and herd just like us. It is very hard for them to watch their beloved ones passing away. A baby elephant always got shocked after seeing the death of mom. The cruel people hunt elephants for several reasons, making their families helpless. It is common in all parts of elephant habitats all around the world. The situation in Kenya which is home to about 30 000 elephants is worst. The helpless elephants are taken care of by the rescuers and enthusiastic organizations. The story is from a special orphanage maintained by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Nairobi National Park. The mission of DSWT is to build the confidence of little critters. So they will be physically and mentally fit to go back to the wild. DSWT was founded in 1977. Dame builds this in honor of her late husband. The lady designs milk formula for calves. Now the orphanage is run by their daughter.

Image source: Freya Dowson/David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

According to the caretakers, many elephant babies lost their parents because of inhuman activities. They undergo both mental and physical pain. The calves miss their mother’s milk during their childhood. It is our duty to help them survive and blend with the family.

The spokesman said that the caretakers work hard all around the clock to rehabilitate innocent elephants. The elephants are given milk, protection, love, and care. So they won’t feel the loneliness. Though the helpless poor elephants had a sorrowful past, their future is in safe hands.

Image source: Freya Dowson/David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

It is amazing to see the politeness of elephants even after undergoing too many hardships. The photos show how adorable these creatures are.

Image source: Freya Dowson/David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Love and affection can change any animal. As humans, it is our duty to protect these innocent creatures. Animals have the same right just like us to live on the Earth.

A Baby Elephant Wake Up his Brother To Play With Him.



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