Mother Lioness Adopts Sick Baby Leopard and Treats It As Her Own


Lions and leopards at Gir National Park in India are not much friendly. They frequently compete with each other for food and space. It is also shown by a researcher named Stotra Chakrabarti. Ut this story is totally different from the findings.

There are some instances animals act weird when compared to their normal behavior. A lion in the National Park adopted a baby leopard. The baby leopard was sick. It was just 2 months old. Though the lions fight with food and space with leopards, a lioness took pity on the sick leopard baby. It was take care and feed by the lioness for weeks. But unfortunately it passed away.

Mother Lioness

The lioness also had two cubs. But she looked after the baby leopard just like the way it cared for the cubs. The visitors and other people did not believe that it will last for long. But all of them were amazed by the way how lioness shared meat with baby leopard for more than one month.

Mother Lioness

The interesting fact was cubs also played with the baby leopard. They climbed up tress. A researcher who had studied about the lions for 7 years has mentioned that it was the best moment he ever had.

Mother Lioness

This genuine relationship does not last for a long. The baby leopard died because of a hernia that he had from the birth. If the baby leopard was alive then the relationship between them will be more interesting. There are lots of funny incidents in the animal world too.


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