Mother Lion Risks Her Life To Save the Baby Trapped On A Cliff

Mother Lion Risks Her Life

Mothers love never ends and it always protects us from dangers. It is relevant to the animal world too. A wildlife photographer named Jean Francois has able to capture a moment that shows a mother lion risks her life to save a little cub.

The lion cub falls fell over the edge of a sheer cliff. But it didn’t fall to the bottom of the cliff. The cub was feared and started to cry. There were 4 female lions including ion cub’s mother and one male elephant. They rushed towards the edge to find what happened. The lions tried to go to the end of the cliff to rescue the cub. But they realized the danger behind the cliff and gave up the effort.

Mother Lion Risks Her Life

The baby elephant was crying continuously. Mother elephant was not able to bear the sorrow and she tried once again to climb down the cliff. Her powerful claws helped to grip the crumbling side of the cliff. She inclined her way down and it was a very risky adventure. The mother saw that her mother is about to fall. She hurried and grab the baby from her powerful jaws.  Then Mother lion started his risky climb back to the top. If the mother lion slips on the cliff then both the lives of the baby and her were in danger.

Mother Lion Risks Her Life

Mother lion reached the top of the cliff with her baby. Then she dropped the cub safely on the ground and licked the top of the head. The baby lion was rescued due to a brave and loved mother lion.

Mother Lion Risks Her Life

Motherlove never changes even in the animal world. The story shows the way how mother risks her life on behalf of his son. We shall hope that the cub also learned his lesson from this adventure.


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