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Man Reunites With A Rescued Lionesses After Seven Years.

Lioness is a majestic animal that is excellent at hunting. Her strength, pride, and sense make any animal amazed. A human becoming friendly with a lioness is even hard to imagine. There is a man who has built a friendship with a lioness. Today’s story is about that incredible bond.


Kevin Richardson who is called a lion whisperer is a presenter and document producer on Africa’s predators. He has dedicated his whole life to animals. Kevin met two lion cubs at the watery ditch. His sanctuary is located about an hour northeast of Johannesburg. The two lion cubs were taken to the sanctuary where they can live in their natural habitat by roaming here and there. The place is safe from humans. The two cubs were named Amy and Meg.


Kevin said that if Kevin didn’t meet the two cubs, they may have ended up in some shape. The saddest thing they could undergo was becoming a canned lion in the hunting market. The two lionesses are showing hunting skills. The staff at the sanctuary has noted instances in where the two lionesses are talking with each other while hunting. They have the hunting ability in DNA. It is normal to see lionesses fanned out and talking in hunting missions.


The intention of creating the sanctuary was to avoid the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa by making people aware of them. The main reasons for losing carnivores are hunting for illegal bush trading, diseases, illegal trading, and habitat loss.


Kevin reunited with a lioness. Meg is one lioness that he rescued in a heart-pounding reunion. Kevin was in a pound. Meg seemed like approaching for prey. But actually, Meg came towards Kevin. Meg jumps onto the arms Kevin. The lioness could easily hurt and kill the man. Instead of using weapons to hurt Kevin, Mega licks his face. The lioness has trusted Kevin. Otherwise, they won’t put themselves at risk by jumping into the water. Kevin consider Meg and Amy as his soulmates.

Being friendly with people is normal. But being friendly with animals is marvelous. If you can have fearful animals as friends then that will be abnormal. All the creatures have the same right to live on Earth. Man has a duty to ensure their survival.

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