Adorable moments of lionesses when reuniting with their adopted human mom.


It is a normal thing to have a dog or cat as a friend But what about having a lion? Even the sentence sounds fearful. Today’s story is about a woman raising two lion cubs.

Michaela Zimanova adopted two lion cubs who were rejected by their own mom. The lion’s mom was in a circus. It is common to see animals who are under captivity rejecting their relations. The two cubs were born in Slovakia, Europe. The kind-hearted woman came to help the two furry balls. She gave names for cubs as Malkia and Adelle. Michaela used to call them darlings.

When Malkia and Adelle grow in age, they were relocated. Malkia park in Slovakia was selected as their relocating place. The adoptive mom frequently visits her darlings. Though Michaela visits two lionesses twice or thrice a month, still they feel like they are meeting after a long. So it was very adorable to see the reaction of two lionesses during the moment their adoptive mother is visiting.

According to a spokesman at Milkia park Michaela comes to see two lions three times a month. The people at the zoo never play with cubs as they are quite dangerous animals. Just after seen Michaela two lionesses rush to welcome them. Then they run and play together. Malkia seems a bit different at the age of four. As she is wilder, the others need to be more careful.

It is a heart-melting moment to see reuniting of an adopted mom with lionesses. The big hug given by the two lionesses is so adorable.

We should be always kind to animals. They will never hurt kind hurts. But keep in mind you must be careful with them too.

A tiny cub practices roar thinking that he is a lion king.


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