Brother Lion puts his brother in danger and helps him recover – Lions might want to destroy these photos on the internet.


If you have a closer look into the animal world, then you will come across so many interesting scenes. Today’s story is on lions. Though they are the most powerful and fearful animals in the jungle, they also have some amazing stories.

A photographer who was on a safari to Antelope Park in Zimbabwe has captured some beautiful moments of two lion siblings. Eco and Etosha lion brothers live in the park. After lunch, these two are used to having a rest. One lion brother decided to climb a tree to rest. These two siblings are playful. When the other one saw it, he wanted to bite the tail of his brother.

The Echo failed the mission. Poor Etosha who was trying to stabilize didn’t resist it but fell down. Etosha’s forelimbs were gripping the branches tightly while hind limbs stepped on the trunk. Echo looked helpless. He stood under the tree. So Etosha stepped on his forehead. The Echo helped his brother to come back using his forelimbs. H tried hard to get his brother down. But the front limbs of Echo were not enough to grab Etosha down. Echo decided to simply bite the limbs of his brother to pull him off. They succeed in the process. The moment of falling is quite interesting to watch. The lion brother guards the ground during the falling.

Anyhow, Etosha falls onto the ground safely. The two lion brothers were seemed ashamed about the instance. Etosha was ready to accept Echo’s blame for his mischievous activity. The photographer saw that Echo placing his front paws on his brother’s head. He might want Etosha to blame the other party. No any of the two lion brothers got injured due to this activity.

These photos are very rare. Thank the photographer, we were also able to enjoy the moment.

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