Herds of Elephants travel miles to mourn humans who rescued them.


Elephants are socialized as well as an intelligent group of animals. They interact with the human in a very interesting manner until you don’t disturb them. Some fascinating behaviors of elephants are even difficult to imagine. Today’s story is also a marvelous one related to elephants.

Lawrence Anthony is a famous author and a conservationist. He was known as ‘The Elephant Whisperer’ and was the founder of the Earth Organization. He was a friend of animals and had rescued and rehabilitated many helpless animals including elephants. He passed away in March 2012. The family of Anthony spoke of a solemn process of elephants. Two herds of elephants made their journey from KwaZulu Natal to the house of Anthony. Those elephants were South African ones.

The elephants had no idea about Anthony’s house. The son of Lawrance Anthony, Dylan Anthony takes forward his father’s activities. He is continuing the father’s legacy by helping poor animals. He claimed that the elephant had not visited the house for about a year and a half. They must have traveled for about 12 hours. The first herd of elephants had visited the house on Sunday while the second herd had come on Monday. These elephants had hung around the funeral house for two days and returned back to the jungle.

The elephants have arrived to pay their last respect to Lawrance Anthony. But how did they know that? No one had found the answer for that. These elephant herds may have got the message from nature. They have got the message that their beloved friend has passed away. Lawrence Anthony has filled the hearts of elephants with love. Once his hearts stopped the elephants felt that. Elephants paid loving homage to their friend. The animal world is filled with love, kindness, and respect. We also can feel it by getting close to the.

A blind elephant saved from the circus comes back to the herd


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