An Orphan Grizzly Bear becomes the best friend of a man.


Can a bear and a man be companions? It is even difficult to imagine. A Grizzly Bear that weighs hundreds of pounds is a fearful animal in the jungle. But today’s story will change your mind. A bear can be an adorable pet too. A guy in Montana has a  bear companion.

Grizzly Bear

Casey Anderson was fond of wild animals since his childhood. He grew up in Montana and was familiar with bears. Casey is 44 years old and dedicated his career to protecting majestic animals. He didn’t stop at that level. But educated people about the importance of conserving wildlife and the meaning of wilderness.

Grizzly Bear

Casey’s pet is a grizzly bear that weighs 800lbs. They were friends for years. Their friendship started when Brutus, the bear was just a month years old. Brutus was found helpless in the Alaskan mountains. He had lost the mom due to hunting. The innocent cub was taken by the animal lover Casey. Within a short time, these two friends become inseparable.

Grizzly Bear

Casely says that the connection between him and Brutus was far beyond taking care of him. Bears are a kind of very emotional animal. He had bottle feed the baby bear. When Casely looks at the eyes of Brutus while feeding, he had seen tears in the eyes. He had again noticed the same tears in Brutus when it got a bellyache. Casely had understood that bears have the same emotions just like human beings.

Brutus made the life of Casely easy. Whenever he undergoes hardships in life, he had found comfort in Brutus. He had cried in some instances. The grizzly bear wanted to get back his friend normal. So gone up to Casely and nudged him. Casely says that Brutus had stood by himself unconditionally and listening to him. Brutus was always there its human friend was crying. Casely also wanted that unconditional love from his bear friend. Their relationship is given and take.

The story tells us that even the fearful animal can become our friends. All we need to do is be kind to them. Then animals will also be kind to us.

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