Under Poaching Pressure, The Evolution Of Elephants Without Tasks Is Happening.


Have you heard that tusks are essentially overgrown teeth? It helps elephants as well as cause damages to elephant. They need a tusk to debark trees to secure fibrous food, helping males to compete for females, dig water or essential minerals in the ground, and help in day-to-day living. There are some interesting facts about the tusk of elephants. A male’s tusk is heavier and bigger than a tusk of a female of the same age. The most exciting fact is elephants’ tusk is vital for other animals too.

Poaching is kept smaller tusk sizes in some heavily hunted areas. The studies had shown that more change in tusk size is visible in the years when significant poaching took place than in other years. Survivors of that period have smaller tusks. A one-third of the elephant generation born after 1992 were tuskless.

Josephine Smith, a Southern Tanzania Elephant Program researcher, tracks the female elephants in Ruah National Park heavily poached in the 1970s and 1980s. She concluded that 21 percent of female elephants older than five do not have tusks, 15% of elephants between the age of 5 to 25 are tuskless.

Elephants Without Tasks

Tusklessness has become a trend. It is naturally occurring in Africa. The elephants that do not have a tusk surviving well and appear to be healthy. Countries like China and U.S. have banned the ivory trade. So the demand for tusk is dropping.

The tuskless level in Asian elephants is comparatively high. Asian female elephants don’t have tusks. A clearly visible change is there in Asian and African trustlessness elephant elephants. It is because ivory hunt and removing tusked elephants from the wild for labor are famous in Asian countries.

Elephants Without Tasks

 All the researches mentioned above show that how mother nature protects its sons. The elephant is the largest animal on the Earth. So nature needs to protect him from human beings.

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