The Elephants destroy the entire field of bananas except the tree with a bird’s nest


Elephants are a kind of empathic creatures. They are sensitive to the environment and emotions of people. This story about a herd of the elephant is from India. It shows how empathetic this animal is.

A herd of elephants came to a local village in Tamil Nadu, India. They destroyed the entire banana cultivation that included 300 banana trees of a local gardener named Krishnamurthi. People came to check the site of destruction after the elephant had gone. They were surprised by seen a tree that was not touched by the elephants. They saw a bird’s nest on that banana tree. It had few hatchings and a mother sparrow. Mother was sitting on the nest and taking care of little ones.

The video containing this story went viral. It was shared by a local channel named Thanthi. Then it was published on Twitter. Animal lovers all around the world loved the video clip. It hit millions of likes and views. Some people had mentioned elephants as gentle giants. They further said that officials should treat elephants kindly. This story shows how empathetic elephants are.

Animal world has fantastic stories. They are more empathetic than human beings. We should not alter their habitats. That is the main reason why animals destroy our things. Stay with us to enjoy more stories about the animal world.

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