The elephant mom gives first bath to his baby.


The first bath of a baby is an emotional motion for parents. It is true for the animal world also. We are afraid to do anything that would hurt our baby. So the bathing time of a baby limits to few minutes. Today the story is about an elephant mom that giving the first bath to his baby. It is from the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mal.

The baby elephant was first introduced to water. It was a new experience for the baby. He was surprised by seen water. The mother was always right behind the baby to assure his safety. Footages prove how this instance was fun and enjoyable. It went viral and won hearts of animal lovers.

The mother elephant carefully handles the baby. He didn’t undergo any hurt while bathing. The parents pay attention to their children in any instance. It is also visible in the animal world.

Baby Elephant Bath video-

Herds of Elephants travel miles to mourn humans who rescued them.


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