Elephant mom gives birth to a baby in the middle of a safari.


A mom undergoes a huge pain when giving birth to a child. It is a different story when an elephant gives birth to a child. The herd comes close to welcome the newborn.

It is a very rare moment to see an elephant giving birth to a baby. A group of tourists got this experience. The elephant was ready to give birth to the baby. The herd was surrounded by a close distance to ensure the safety of both mom and baby.

After a while, trumpeting began. The herd was going to welcome the newly born baby. They were very close to mom and baby. They might get the message that humans are close to them. The way how elephants greet and welcome babies were similar to that of humans. The elephants are very much careful about the babies. They never let babies fall into danger.

Elephants celebrate special moments of their lives just like humans. If you get the chance to watch a moment of an elephant giving birth to a newborn, then don’t miss it at any cost.

A caring mother elephant gently lifts the baby after a fall


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