Elephant avoid visitors to allow a caretaker to sing a lullaby to her baby


Animals tend to have a close relationship with humans. A close connection with a man with a cat, dog, or a bird-like parrot is very common. What you feel by seeing such a close connection between a panther, lion, or an elephant with a man? Isn’t it amazing? Real animal lovers can build relationships even with the most fearful animal.

A famous video on the internet shows the strong bond between an elephant and a woman. It was seen in the Elephant Nature Park. The name of the giant animal was Faa Mai. There was a caretaker named Lek Chaliert who had a strong connection with this elephant. She has to take Faa Mai since it’s childhood.

A young elephant was rescued by the nature park, and it was also saved in the park. Faa Mai adopted the cute baby elephant and gave him the love and care she received from Lek Charliert. When Lek came to the nature park, Faa Mai wanted to show the baby elephant to her. So she avoided all the visitors and reached Lek Chaliert. Then she wrapped her trunk around Lek’s waist and guided her towards the baby elephant. She wanted to sing a lullaby to her baby elephant just like the way the caretaker did it for her. In the past, Faa Mai had loved the lullaby sung by the caretaker. So she wanted to give the same experience to the little one. Faa Mai swags her trunk to keep away the visitors until Lek sings the lullaby.

Lek and Faa Mai had this strong relationship from a young age. Actually, this elephant wanted to give the same things she had for the little friend. This shows the strong between man and animals. Even it is proof of the strong bond between animals. Lek says that she is very proud of the young girl, Faa Mai.


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