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An elephant is behind the mysterious loss of water in a bathtub.

Some animals do marvelous things that are unbelievable. Most of the time wildlife enthusiasts capture the amazing instances of wild animals. Some animals are playful, while some are fearful. But remember every fearful animal has joyful instances too. Elephants are a kind of playful animal. They prefer to have closer relationships with humans. But sometimes they cause disasters too. Today’s story is about a mystery caused by an elephant the story comes from South Africa.

The staff at Etali Safari Lodge in North West Province, South Africa had to undergo a mystery in disappearing whirlpool bath. They fill an open-air bath outside one of the guest’s houses. But it becomes empty every night. No one was able to find the reason for it. The staff checked for leaks and came up with nothing.

A guest of the Safari lodge heard a slurping sound. He came out with the camera. The guest was able to figure out the culprit. No one thought that an elephant will be the reason behind the water leak. The nickname of the elephant is ‘Troublesome’. Thanks to the one who gave the name as it is the matching name for the culprit. The water loss took place at the Jacuzzi-style hot tub outside one of the £ 400-night motels.

According to Susan Potgieter who is the owner of Etali Safari Lodge said that it is a normal fact that an elephant drinks more than 200 liters of water a day. So they can easily empty a whole tub of the whirlpool. Just after seeing the photos, she was not able to believe that the animal drinks that much water. But when she figure out it is an elephant, she felt normal.

The staff at the safari lodge were trying to find the reason for the draining of the pool but came up with no result. When they first noticed the empty pool, they get the help of a plumber. But he could not understand the reason for the leakage.

Troublesome was caught by a guest at the motel who had just gone for tea at the deck. The guest was surprising to see an elephant drinking water from a tub. The name troublesome was given to the elephant because it comes close to cars. The visitors have given the name of this cute thief.

As the water in the whirlpool is clean, troublesome might like to drink it. The staff at the lodge is trying to provide troublesome with an alternative water resource. But it won’t be easy as it is difficult to change the way of elephants.

Troublesome is a lovely animal of staff and visitors. But Ms. Potgieter says that it is better to check whether the elephant is around before soaking in the tub.

Elephants are story makers. They always make fun things that attract us towards them but keep in mind you need to consider your safety while enjoying fun acts f wild animals.

Two baby elephants are teasing each other with their trunks.



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