Do you really know about cats?


What do you know about the cats? You may tell, my pet is a cat. So I know everything about cats—Blah blah. But reread the topic. This article will tell you every single thing that you need to know about cats. There are more than 500 million domestic cats in the world. If you have a cat in the home, then your one is also under this 500 million.

Human beings have connections with cats for about 1000 years. Now, cats have become the most popular pet in the world after the dog.  It says meow meow to communicate with you.


What does your cat do?

Have you ever noticed what the cat does all day? It sleeps. I also have a cat in my house. Whenever I see it, it is either sleeping on the sofa or under a blanket. Actually, a cat does not a particular place to sleep. But most of the scientists say that they are sleeping at the calmest place in your home. So you can select the place of your home to keep your bed. That place will offer you a good sleep. Cats love to sleep in the areas you use. The reason is, they love your smell. They find it very comfortable with your pillow and dirty laundry.

The cats sleep about 13 to 14 hours per day. They conserve energy through sleeping. Don’t disturb your cat when sleeping as they conserve energy for the future.


Cats are hunters

Your pet is a hunter. It has a close relationship with talented hunters like tigers and leopards. Check the nails and teeth of your cat. Those are adapted for hunting. You will notice how they act whenever a tiny insect or a bird is close to them.

Cat is the most famous enemy of the rat. It becomes the best hunter whenever a rat is in near proximity.

Cats are more sensitive.

The cats can hear low sounds. It has an extensive hearing range. Your cat will react to sounds before you listen to them. Cats can see what you can’t see. Their visible range is far away from yours. So they will see many things that you won’t see.

You may have noticed that your pet cat is more active in dawn and dusk.


Don’t give these foods to your cat.

Do you give all the things you for your cat? Then don’t do it again. Some foods are not healthier for your pet. Grapes and raisins are a few of them that can cause kidney failure. Garlic, chives, and onions are also better to keep away from a cat’s meal as they can wreak havoc on its gastrointestinal system and cause anemia. Your cat may refuse unpalatable food though they become starve.


How Cats Communicate With You?

As mentioned above, meow meow is the way how cats talk to you. They have a unique vocabulary with you. It has about 100 vocalizations. Do you know that your pet dog has only ten vocalizations?

Cats make you their territory. So love your cat just like the way they love you.


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