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A British Couple Met with a Raging Bull Elephant Attack During A Safari in South Africa.

Getting closer to wild animals is the most amazing thing that you can experience during a safari. We have told stories about tourists getting closer even with the most powerful and fearful animals like lions and grizzly bears. But you must remember that they can cause damage as well. Two British tourists became victims of such damage. Today’s story is about that.

A bull elephant caused damages to a newly engaged couple’s car. He rammed, skewered, and overturned the car after trying to slam into the car front.

The incident took place in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The couple who faced this accident was Helen Jennings and Chris Hare. They were lucky enough to escape only by undergoing minor injuries. Hare said that when he was taking the bend, the giant elephant was in front of them. The elephant had walked towards them and pulled off the road. He had walked fast towards the car. Then turned around and pushed a tusk against the door. The car was rolled. It was a terrifying incident. Hare was thinking that the scene is impossible at that moment. Actually, he could not believe that.

Vasti Fourier was a witness to this accident. She was traveling by a convoy through the park. Vasti told that she saw the elephant dashed towards the side of the car. Then picked it up with the tusk and dropped the roof. After all, the elephant moved away as nothing happened. The incident happened within a short time. When people flocked around the car the driver was kneeling in shock. Anyone who was at that location had not experienced a similar accident before.

The couple had spent three days in the national park before flying to Durban. Rangers have noticed blood in the couple’s car. They suspect that the elephant might have a tooth abscess. So the elephant is monitored to check whether it needs treatments.

Always you must be concerned about your safety while getting closer to wild animals. Reynold Takhuli who is a spokesman at South African National Parks said that visitors should never let anything stick out of vehicles. Elephants are social animals. But remember they are the giants on the Earth. So sometimes they become dangerous. You won’t believe how fearful they are on some occasions. So you must be always careful about yourself during a safari

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