A brave elephant mother saves the herd from wild dogs.


Elephants are story makers. We have so many stories related to giants on the land. Just after seeing the caption, you can guess that the story is about an elephant. Today’s story is from India. Mithun Hunugund who is from Bengaluru in Southern India was on a safari in Nagarhole National Park. He saw a gang of wild dogs is coming after two baby elephants. The mother elephant was with them.

Hungund had heard the hordes of Bonnet macaques were going haywire. Hungund and others checked for this. A herd of 10 females and 2 calves were gathering on the road. They noticed something different from a distance coming towards the herd. It was 13 wild dogs who were searching for a hunt. The elephant herd consisted of two small calves. As the herd was too big, the small calves were at high risk. The herd immediately decided to protect them. First, they made chaos and struggled to separate calves from adults. Hungund said that it was a stressful moment for them. The adult elephants made a barrier between their youngs and predators.

The Asiatic dogs are well-known predators for hunting. They have tactful hunting methods to eat much smaller and larger prey. They are slightly built and smaller than domestic dogs. They are a group of endangered animals.

A brave elephant decided to follow the herd on her own. The intention of this brave elephant might be to distract dogs and give some time for the herd to move safely. She kicked mud at the wild dogs. Anyway, the herd was eventually able to withdraw from the pack. The brave elephant girl was successful in protecting the herd.

No matter how big or fearful we are, it is needed to respect the law of nature. Though you think, elephant calves should definitely escape from the wild dogs, predators will die from starving. There are dependents of wild dogs too. In order to maintain a balanced ecosystem, all innocent and fearful animals should be there.


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