A blind elephant saved from the circus comes back to the herd


Elephants love to spend time with the herd. They prefer socialism and highly intelligent creatures living on the Earth. We have mentioned many stories about the elephant showing compassion at elephant sanctuaries. This is another story that took place in a sanctuary in Thailand. A rescued elephant received a greet by the herd which he never expected.

blind elephant

A 30 years old female elephant named Poly Thong was in a circus. She was rescued and taken to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. She met the herd there for the first time. Poly was completely blind. She had to undergo several hardships during life like carrying people on her back on the streets of Pattaya in Thailand and spent life in a circus. Poly was blind from her both eyes but had to transport people. Her day started early in the morning and ended in the sunset.

blind elephant

Then she arrived at the sanctuary. Poly’s bad time flew away from her. The herd of elephants in the sanctuary rushed to her and warmly welcomed the newcomer to the gang. It was a very sensitive moment. The heart-touching instance is proof of the beginning of happiness in her later life. She knew that the sanctuary is the best place for her. Poly gets the love, affection, and care that she never had before.

blind elephant

As human beings who have a more advanced intelligence, we need to care for animals. They also have the right to live on this planet.

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