Blind Elephant Starts to Dance Once She Hears The Pianist Playing To Comfort Her


Can animals act like us? Though they can’t get our appearance, animals can inspire and surprise us through their mental capacity. Sometimes animal does certain activities that we think exclusively belongs to human beings.

Image credits: Paul Barton

A blind elephant dance to classical music.

Paul Barton, a British musician, played his piano, staying close to the middle of an elephant sanctuary. He played a piece of classical music to a bind elephant. Its name was Lam Duan, and blind for most of her life. She was staying at ElephantsWorld in Wang Dong.

Can you guess what her response to music is? The elephant sway from side to side by moving her trunk. She stepped around and danced like a human. Isn’t it amazing?

Image credits: Paul Barton

Blinds can’t see and enjoy pleasant surroundings. But they can listen and find the taste in certain sounds. The pianist had a kind heart to let the blind elephant enjoy music. He had played soothing classical music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert, Frederic Chopin, and Eric Satle. The idea of doing this task has come to Barton’s mind while filming a video in River Kwai Bridge. He came to know about the ElephantsWorld as a place that takes care of old, injured, handicapped logging, and street elephants. Barton had gone there and asked for permission to play the piano. The administration of the sanctuary has granted the permission.

Image credits: Paul Barton

Not only Lam Duan but also many elephants have listened to music. Some have even sung. Isn’t it amazing? Elephants have sung in their own language in their own style. Some elephants come close to the piano and try to play it with the trunk. Several elephants have put the trunk on their mouth and listen to music.

Image credits: Paul Barton

This is not the only case that music has spoken with elephants. Animals are also sensitive to this universal language.


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