A Black Bear Comfortably lays in a yellow hammock and enjoys the last days of summer.


What comes to your mind by remembering a black bear? A fearful animal. Isn’t it? But today’s story is not about a dangerous thing done by a black bear. It is about a funny act of North American Black Bear.

The black bear is not completely dark. They come in cinnamon, dark green, brown, bluish grey, or rare white. Brown bear is the most common and familiar bear type in North America. They are commonly found in forests.

Chuck is a 7 years old bear who lived at Woburn Safari Park in Woburn, Bedford. The sanctuary stretches for about 13 acres. It is the home for six bears including Chuck and the Canadian Timberwolves. The six bears comprise three males and three females. All of them live beyond 365 days a year. Bear is a species that hibernate in the winter season. The park is one of the only types of carnivorous mixed in the UK.

Chuck used to relax on a tree. It climbed up the tree and leaned back. The animal is in full relaxation mode even by closing his eyes. But Chuck selected a hammock to relax. The yellow rocking bed was a comfortable seat for the black bear. Chunk was facing the sunlight and was in a complete relaxation state.

Animals also have different stories. They have the same right like us to stay on our planet. So it is our paramount duty to let them cherish their lives.

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