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A Group of hikers met a curious Black Bear.

We have watched funny videos of some fearful animals. They become friendly with other animals and even with humans. Bears show some friendly scenes with humans. Some bears come to visit human friends. But how would you react when meeting a bear face to face? Even the question sounds fearful. A group of hikers had to face such a situation.

A group of three hikers was at the Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza Garcia. A black bear reached towards them. The three women had no idea about the way to face the situation. The fear made them stand frozen. The bear was playful. It wanted to sniff one woman’s hair and inspect. What will if you face the situation? The animal didn’t do any damage to anyone.

The fantastic thing was one woman was brave enough to have a selfie with this wild animal. Though we can consider her as a brave lady, she had put her life at risk. My advice is not to put yourself at such a risk. You can decide whether she is brave or crazy.

The government has advised the visitors on the way to act when facing this kind of situation. You must stay calm whenever you met a wild animal. If you act in a hurry, then the animal will be quite aggressive. You should never stand between a baby and its mother as the mother will always try to protect the baby thinking of you as a predator. Don’t feed the bears as they can cause damages. It is not a good idea to have a selfie or a photograph with a fearful wild animal. Actually, you can’t trust them.

Don’t put yourself in a trouble. Whenever you accidentally meet a wild animal try to act in a calm manner. Don’t try to hurt it. Most probably, they won’t hurt you until you hurt them.

A Black Bear Comfortably lays in a yellow hammock and enjoys the last days of summer.



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