Most Controversial Street Artist in The World – BANKSY


Banksy, whose identity is still not revealed, is the most controversial artist in the world. He is a painter, activist, filmmaker, graffiti master, and multi-purpose provocateur. The modern art world and street artists have footprints of this great man. He followed several street art mediums and styles. Banksy was able to surpass the boundaries and expectations of street art critics. This great personality was included in the list of the world’s most influenced people in 2010. 

Who is Banksy?

As mentioned earlier, Banksy’s identity was unknown. It is said that Banksy was born in 1974 in Bristol in England. His fans also did not want to unmask him. Banksy offers his picture with a paper bag over his head. Banksy found himself in the company of Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, and Steve Jobs. 

In 1993, Banksy was identified as a freehand graffiti artist. He has used stencils since 2000 to improve speed. The recognizable arts of his progress are rats and policemen. This art communicated an anti-authoritarian message. The first London exhibition of Banksy was held in Rivington Street in 2001. He held the Turf War exhibition in 2003. The bodies of live pigs were painted and exhibited. He organized the ‘Crude Oils’ exhibition in 2005. It featured changed replicas of the works of Vincent van Gogh, Edward Hopper, and Claude Monet. The marvelous thing he did during this exhibition was releasing 200 rats in the gallery. Banksy made his own work on the walls of famous museums in New York like Tate Britain and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2005. 

Banksy is not only a well-known artist, but he is also a writer. He wrote Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall, Existentialism, and Wall and Piece. Banksy has directed the film Exit Through the Gift Shop. It contains the lives of the world’s most famous and talented graffiti artists. 

Dismaland by Banksy

Dismaland was a creation of this great artist. It is an amusement park and a conceptual art show that contained work from other artists as well. Banksy described it as “a family attraction that acknowledges inequality and impending catastrophe.” This park was a place for late-night parties and concerts by different bands. It was closed in September 2015. 

Though Banksy gained popularity as a street artist, book writer, and documentary creator, he was careful enough to hide his identity from the world. Banksy faced the interviews conducted through emails, and responses were sent via changed voice on tapes. So you won’t recognize Banksy though you met him.

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