Orphaned Baby Kangaroo treats baby teddy as a friend and hugs him.


It is a great blessing to have good friends by our side. Studies have proved that friends have a positive impact on health and well-being. Animals also need friends like humans. Good friendships among animals also make them more comfortable and feel better.

Today’s story is about two animal friends from New South Wales, Australia. Doodlebug is an orphaned baby kangaroo that lived under the wildlife rehabilitator Gillian Abbot. Both Gillian and her son Tim Beshara have taken care of Doodlebug since it was found orphaned in the wild. Doodlebug is an Eastern grey kangaroo. It is not wallaby.

Baby Kangaroo
Source: Twitter

Tim captured some snaps when the Doodlebug hugging a teddy bear. He tweeted those photos and it went viral. Beshara thinks that Doodlebug had fallen from the pouch of their mother when she died. Tim said that the baby kangaroo was only a few months old when he was taken to the wildlife company WIRES.  Beshara had nursed the kangaroo and taken him back to normal. The baby kangaroo was hopping around the jungle and come back to the WIRE for occasional feeding. Tim captured all these instances.

Baby Kangaroo
Source: Twitter

Now, the kangaroo has grown and is big enough to go to the jungle. But he is not mentally ready to face the wild world without help from the organization. Abbott thought to take a companion for Doodlebug. A fuzzy bear was given to him. Doodlebug welcomed the toy and treated it as a friend.

The lonely kangaroo hugs the bear. Doodlebug will soon recover and go back to where he owns. The bear will help him to recover soon.

Real friends can heal any big wound in our minds. So try to stick to good friends.

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