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A baby hippo was frightened by a flock of birds.

The animal world is full of fun. The reactions we undergo for a particular task changes from one to another. It is relevant to the animal world too. What will an elephant do after a flock of birds sit on the back? For sure, it will make fun of the bird. But the reaction of a baby rhino is totally different. Today’s story is about the fun and adorable reaction of a baby hippo.

A Young hippo was playing happily on the grounds. A small flock of oxpeckers disturbed him. The young hippo tolerates them for about 10 seconds. But he wanted to get them off from the back. The oxpeckers had no idea about the disturbance they caused for the hippo, didn’t want to leave him.

The oxpeckers began to peck hippos back. The poor hippo was in trouble. He was frightened and wanted to chase away the birds. The poor calf yelled out for help. He wanted to threaten the flock of birds by saying ‘Stay away from me’. Hippo tried hard to get rid of oxpeckers. He ran all way long. Twisted the body around. But nothing worked. The hippo tried fake running to water to chase away birds. Anyway, birds gave up trying to feed and flew away after a while.

Oxpeckers and hippos make a mutually beneficial relationship. The birds pick up ticks and other parasites that live on hippos’ skin. The baby hippo had no idea about this task. So he assumed oxpeckers as parasites who tried to hurt him.

The fantastic moments were captured by photographer Marc Mol. He was at South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. The baby hippo who had oxpeckers on the back was running towards Marc. He was surprised to see the incident. Later, he noticed the flock of oxpeckers on the back of the hippo. Marc was laughing at that moment after noticing the scenario. He had captured some incredible photographs that went viral. The people who felt sorry about Hippo were not able to stop laughing.

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