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Two Baby Elephants were in a wrestling match as their mother looks on proudly.

Baby elephants are famous story creators. They are playful and so much adorable. Today’s story is about the mischievous but playful act of two baby elephants.

An elephant mom was taking a short nap under the sunshine. Then suddenly trouble took place. The baby elephant, Jegeg who was seen tired came to her. Jageg wanted to free herself from Gateng who was her male friend. Jegeg’s male friends tried to provoke her. Elephants are just like our kids. They play with each other and also quarrel with friends. To avoid any hurt or tears, we need to intervene. It is the same for calves. In this story also adult elephant is involved before things end with tears.

Jageg was sleeping under the sun while the keepers cleaned the home. But Gateng who is a playful calf had a different task. He stepped towards the Jegag. Sat on her. Jegag tried to stand but she had no chance. Anyway, Gateng felt please with his friend and decided to get up.

Jegeg is familiar with the camera lens. She was caught by Tony Blair during his trip with the family.

Anne who is the regional managing director of a Singapore bank was a witness to this incident. The mommy elephants were eating and two calves were playing under sunshine. Jageg wanted to have a nap. Gateng who noticed this wanted to sit on her. Finally, it became a mess and turned into a struggle. Gateng didn’t allow Jageg to stand though she tried a lot. According to Anne these two elephant babies are playful and capable enough to push you or slap with their small trunks. The park is wonderful and heartwarming as it saves the logging of elephants.

Two baby elephants are teasing each other with their trunks.



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