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A Baby Elephant Wake Up his Brother To Play With Him.

Elephants are playful and a group of social animals. Elephant babies are capable of doing adorable things. They are just like our kids. You won’t get bored by looking at playful elephant babies. Today’s story is about an adorable moment of two calf siblings.

A tourist was on a visit to Kruger National Park in South Africa. He became s witness to this fabulous incident and captured it on lenses.

The Two siblings were enjoying the sunshine in their own ways. One was sleeping comfortably while the other was playing around. The playful brother wanted to wake up the other. So that both of them can start playing early in the morning.

The playful brother jumped onto the sleepy calf. Just like us, the sleepy one refused to wake up. He wanted to continue sleeping. The other one also didn’t give up. He got one more attempt to wake up the brother. This time he followed a different way. He started pushing and shoving more intensely. The big sibling had to give up sleeping. He opened his eyes just like saying, ‘All right baby. I will sacrifice my sleep to play with you.’Then the two elephant babies started enjoying their day.

Just watch this adorable video. It won millions of hearts all around the world. Elephant babies are like us. They do quite adorable things. Closely watching elephants is a marvelous experience that you can have in life. But remember safety first. Don’t hurt them for your happiness

Two Baby Elephants were in a wrestling match as their mother looks on proudly.



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