Two baby elephants are teasing each other with their trunks.


Baby elephants are one of the playful, adorable, and cute creatures on the Earth. The big innocent eyes, short and chubby legs, trunk, and chubby body with big ears make them adorable. If you have a closer look into their day-to-day activities, then you will notice that they are quite similar to our kids. They cuddle with anyone. The baby elephants are experts to get the attention of humans around them. Their playful activities will make you happy. The videos of baby elephants become viral on the internet. Millions of people all around the world love to watch videos of these adorable creatures. Today’s story is about two such adorable calves.

The video is about two baby elephants stopping their journey and starting playing on their way. They are hitting each other with trunks. Both these playful kids. Just like kids, elephants are also capable of making fun of each and every moment. They can convert any boring instance to a highly enjoyable moment. When baby elephants are around, you won’t feel bored.

The amazing moments of baby elephants were captured by Prathom. He was on a safari at a national park in the Kanchanaburi province of western Thailand. A herd of elephants consisting of 50 elephants was with the two calves.

Prathom said that baby elephants were so lovely and just like playful kids. He was amazed to see the way little babies enjoyed the day. It was a pleasure to watch them in their natural habitat. The video has won millions of hearts across the globe

A vet designs night suits for two orphaned baby elephants to comfort them during sleep.


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