A zoo in which humans are in cages while lions roam freely.


Do you like to be in a cage all day for years? I don’t think that at least one person would say yes I love that. But did you think about how difficult for the animals to be in cages at the zoo? The jungle is for animals. That is the place where animals roam freely. But we, humans, take animals away from the jungle and keep them in cages. Then we go and enjoy watching the animals trapped in the cages. We must allow wild animals to roam freely here and there.

cages while lions
GG Conservation / Caters News

A non-profit organization has found a way to watch animals without putting them in cages. What happens here is instead of animals people have to stay in a cage. GG Conservation is protecting and saving lions across South Africa. The volunteers need to collect more money for the foundation. So they came up with an amazing idea of designing plexiglass cages. The tourists can stay locked up in the cage.

GG Conservation / Caters News

The income from this creation is able to keep GG lions healthy, safe, and protected in the sanctuary. The director of the foundation said that he thought to have a professional photographer in the place. So it would attract more photographs towards the park.

GG Conservation / Caters News

Staying in a cage is a marvelous way to look at lions. The lions tend to sit on the plexiglass above the visitor. It is a totally different angle that you would never see at any place.It is not the only approach for a classic zoo. You will find the Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in China where animals roam freely and people watching them staying in cages.

GG Conservation / Caters News

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