A police officer put his life a risk to save a cub left from his family.


What will you do after seeing a mother bear with a cub? Most of us won’t reach towards them as we believe they are fearful. A policeman has put his life at risk and reach towards a bear mom and a cub. He was able to save the life of a little cub.

More than 5000 bears live in the New England state. Thomas Owens is a state trooper. He works for the Town of Carroll Police Department. It is common for any officer in this area to see bears. Thomas also knew the way to react after seeing a bear. He saw a mother bear and some cubs on his way for a patrol. The bear family was trying to cross the road. There were three cubs and a mother cub. They kept returning and crossing the road again. There was another cub. The policeman noticed that something is wrong with the 4th cub.

The mother bear along with the three cubs lost their way in the bushes before Thomas make any movement. The 4th cub left behind. The officer decided to get out of the vehicle to help the poor cub. He was putting himself at a risk. The mother bear could come at any time and attack the officer. She would not prefer his baby to be with a human being.

The officer had called New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife for help. The team arrives in the spot in a while. The surprising thing was they found a fifth cub.  He was sick. The rescue team carried both cubs to rehab. The two siblings will grow there until they become strong. Then they will release to the jungle to join with the family.

The brave officer rescued the lives of two cubs. If he was not at the spot, then the story will not be like this.

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