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A herd tries to rescue a calf injured by a speeding car- unfortunately, they failed.

Some people don’t value the life of other animals. But all of us have the same right to live on Earth. Today’s story is about a moment a herd of elephants tries to rescue a baby elephant who underwent an accident with a speeding car. This is a heartwarming incident that made everyone sensitive.

The footage from Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe contains this saddest scene. A baby elephant was lying lifeless on the floor. The two elephants were trying hard to get him back on his feet. The two elephants were seen to be the parents of the victim.

Though the poor baby elephant showed indications to recover, it died on the side of the road. The video was taken by Heidi Haas who was trying to spot a location to hunt. She was shocked by seeing the baby elephant hit by a speeding car. Heidi broke u with tears. She had to watch the family of elephants struggling hard to help the little one. No one is able to recover the baby elephant as his legs and back were broken.

Local rangers came to help. But they could do nothing except try to keep other elephants in the herd in the bay. The herd of elephants can be dangerous of being trampled. Ms. Hass said that the elephant herd didn’t allow rangers to come near the baby. So they had late the fate of the baby elephant decide the rest. Hass was shocked by the incident. She never wants to experience such an incident in the future.

She requests tourists to be more careful while visiting parks. The unnecessary fast could take ever the life of beautiful creatures.

The video contains the elephant on the left side of the street. More than a dozen of elephants in the herds surround him. They are screaming in desperation. The elephants threaten the baby to get up. Adults support him. But when the support was lost, it collapsed in a heap. The video will make you shocked.

Please be kind to animals. Don’t make fun of putting others’ lives in danger.

A brave elephant mother saves the herd from wild dogs.



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