A Baby Elephant Playing in the snow melting.


The Bad weather cause unexpected delays in some activities. It leads to cancellations too. But some creatures make fun even from the bad weather. Winter is a great playing time for small children. Animals also enjoy the snow.

Oregano Zoo in Poland shut down due to the heavy snowfall in January 2017. It was a piece of sad news for many visitors. But it was a great pleasure for the animals in the zoo. They were able to enjoy the best part of winter without visitors. Animals know the way to make most snowy days.

Baby Elephant

Who are the winter-loving animals? We know that first come to your mind are penguins or polar bears. But today’s story is not about them. Elephants also love to play with snow. Isn’t it wonderful? The video was captured in the Oregano Zoo. A baby elephant lost it in the joy of snow. It went viral after a few hours and gained more than 4 million views and 28 000 likes on YouTube. It has won millions of hearts across the globe.

It is a new experience for a baby elephant to set feet on snow. He runs in joy. When you are watching the video, you will remember the way small kids playing with snow. . Baby elephants are just like our small kids. They are quite adorable.

Baby Elephant

Snowing is a new experience for the little calf. He really enjoys the snow. The video will change your mind and fill you with joy.

Kids are always kids whose mindset is totally different from mature ones.. They are not just tiny men or women. These facts are relevant to both human and animal babies.

Mother Elephant takes revenge on a crocodile that stalks her young ones.


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